Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ágætis byrjun

A new year. A new beginning.

It took me a while to get here but after much bitter ends and broken eras, it is time for transformation. It is time to step out of the darkness and into the light.

I have spent some time in the darkness allowing my shadow to succumb me in the past year, but when you step into the light, you cast your shadow that carries the weight of the world off to the ground, letting it fall and letting it go. Love is letting go. I trust that what is written will not slip and what is not will, no matter how hard you try to hold on to it. I still feel a little tremble called worry even as I say this, but a little bass won't hurt me.

This new year has a sentimental value to me, not only because of the digit count or the fact that we got over 21 Dec in one piece, but because significant things have happened in my life to summon my presence in this very moment. It's time to show up, because even if time slips, this moment is infinite.

So 2013, I begin again, like a little boy thrown into the water, learning how to swim again, as a beginner. After all, no matter how much you know, there is much more to learn. I know that I am loved. Love will be my reason and light will illuminate the paths I choose. Now, it is about getting in the doing to get things done.

I am through with having notions of what people are and who they be as am I through with the notions I have of myself. I've made this mistake many times where I keep bad opinions about people and things, when I think of them, is the way I see myself. What I see as myself, I make believe to be my reality.

If everything was written, then these words write themselves and they are a manifestation of my thoughts and feelings. Your words are prayers so I need to be mindful of the thoughts I harbour in my head, and think the best of myself, and the best of others. What I see of the world is only a reflection of the world inside me. The world is in your eyes. Light attracts light.

I hope I will learn to love till there is only light. I hope these words find you in good time and good heart.

- love and light, adrenalene

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