Monday, January 14, 2013


I just got home from a night of cycling. My back is breaking, my legs are aching and I don't smell too good either.

I saw the beautiful sunset today and sat in sheer wonderment at the side of the road to savour this moment. The beauty that is when the day turns into night. I secretly think that the sun and the moon are omnipresent lovers. I am sentimental that way. BUT I STILL LOVE BAD BITCHES THAT'S MY FUCKING PROBLEM.

Guess what. My iphone is back from the dead. I knew Apple was somewhat water-resistant. Kudos Steve Jobs.  My imac however seems to have almost reached its shelf life. Wait, why am I even talking about this in the first place.

I've been somewhat disrespectful to the latest Tarantino flick 'Django Unchained' because I've taken 3 days to watch it and paid very little attention during playtime. I should do it some justice in case it turns out to be another cult film I can obsess about.

OH! Now is the best time to download all your flicks because the dvd screeners are out on torrent, thanks to the Oscars. *GEEK ALERT* I have about 5 movies on queue.

Currently obsessing over this song. India Arie, you my nigga.
I took a swim
In the sea of guilt and misery
To find myself on an island
In the middle of nowhere
In my solitude
I asked to know the highest truth
And what I was told
Is to thy ownself be true

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