Tuesday, January 22, 2013


About 2 years ago, I went cycling in Ubin. I turned up my speakers and then came on Knaan with This Is Africa. That got me so excited that I fell off my bicycle and the handlebar hit the back of my head. To up or at least maintain some of my street cred, I quickly got up and decided I was fine. My friend checked my head and told me that my head was bleeding. After that knowledge, I felt pain.

If you get hurt in your dream, the pain feels real when you are still in your dream. When you dream, your brain is as active as when you are awake. You do not go through physical pain but the pain feels as real as when you are awake.

I have come to the conclusion that pain is first perceived by our minds, then it tells the rest of our organs how to feel i.e. body or heart.

Our mind works its rationale on past experiences and future endeavours. Your past experience tells you that when you fall, you feel pain. Your future endeavours tell you that if things do not go as planned, you feel pain. We attach ourselves to our past and the things we want. Attachment is pain, but in order to learn detachment, you have to first be attached to people and things.

When you hit someone repetitively at the same area, one day they will be immune to that pain. My hypothesis is that that area has grown accustomed to pain, hence, when the brain sends signal to it, it does not interpret the message sent. When you attack something repetitively, at some point, it dies.

Knowledge is pain and that is why it hurts to know. Drake got it right on that one. With that said, the point that I would like to emphasize here is that pain is only as real as your mind perceives it to be.

Should your mind really be the ruling factor that decides what is painful and what isn't? Should your mind decide with a mind of its own? You decide.

- love and light, adrenalene

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