Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it was a typical morning

Mornings here are a riot. The constant call bells, the nurse checking blood pressure, taking temperatures, the old aunties shouting for attention, and everything that goes into a morning scene at the wet market.

I lay awake, in the face of all that is going on, trying to catch some shut eye, and snooze further into the noon, but it is a mission impossible task. I relent the struggle to keep my eyes closed and reach out for my phone instead to type this.

Its 8.22am and I am waiting for my mother and boyfriend to come rescue me with breakfast. Yes, I am lucky that way. Mother is here each morning to attend to my every need, I have once again become her baby, and she is delighted to assume her role as doting parent.

My loving boyfriend is here again, stealing time and sharing conversations with me, although in my present condition, it is a little hard. I miss him all the time.

The weather gets chilly these days, I wrap myself in my boyfriend's jacket, and I try to soak into the warmth, of what I truly wish was his embrace, but this will do.

How was your morning?

- love and light, adrenalene

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Anonymous said...

I'm an avid reader of your blog since 2010. I love your stories. I feel like i can relate to it. Get well soon Azlin. May Allah SWT bless you with perfect health soon. Stay strong for everyone. <3