Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bab Aziz: If the baby in the darkness of its mother’s womb were told: “Outside there is a world of life , with high mountains, great seas, undulating planes, beautiful gardens in blossom, a sky full of stars, and a blazing sun … And you, facing all these marvels, stay enclosed in this darkness …” The unborn child, knowing nothing about these marvels, would not believe any of these. Like us, when we are facing death. That’s why we’re afraid.

Hassan: But there can’t be light in death because it‘s the end of everything.

Bab Aziz: How can death be end of something that doesn’t have a beginning?

Hassan, my son, don’t be sad at my wedding night.

Hassan: Your wedding night?

Bab Aziz: Yes. My marriage with eternity.

Today, I had the privilege of watching Bab Aziz for the second time. My first time was about 5 years ago. This second time felt like a completely different experience and I enjoyed it even more. Perhaps our life experiences changes the way we understand certain things.

People of faith see the world differently. They see this life as amusement and play. This life is but a dream and a blink of an eye before they wake up to eternity. They want nothing of this world because they know there is something better. Things of this world come and go, so they appreciate when things come and know when its time to let things go.

I wish I knew what they understood because speaking about it doesn't mean I understand it. It is only a means of presentation, and not all who teach, do. Those who can't do, teach. Wait, who's teaching what now?

So off topic, on cue, to bid adieu.

love and light, adrenalene


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