Saturday, March 16, 2013


I've been out of touch with the world lately since I'm still trying to regain balance and pick up the remnants from when my own world went up in flames.

Izaril introduced me to the song 'Burn' from Mean's newly-released 'In Flight'. It amazes how Izaril is so zen with the pen and writes a verse like the one on this crazy alluring beat by Fauxe. This song embodies the diverse definitions the word 'burn' takes.

This is on repeat.

As I watch the world turn
Imma let the flame and the filament burn
Most of us are too concerned for
the things we yearn and the money we earn
That we be forgettin’ about the beauty of life
and the knowledge we learn
We put in this world to live and relearn
before the day we return
Hear the voice of the voiceless cry out
Tears in the eyes may dry out
but the spirit can never die out,
so carry the torch when the lights out
We start a revolution to dethrone the king
Then spark an evolution for the soul and being
Its like the holy matrimony with eternity
We cannot avoid the fact that life is too short
and death is a certainty
We dying to live but we living to die
See the minutes and seconds go by
With even the wise stilll wondering why
We search for the cure only to find that
death is the road to awe
Even if our feet stay firm on the ground
there's always a mode to soar
Let me demonstrate how to levitate
When you put your mind to another state
If you could relate to the words I said
Then we can affirm that god is great
One day we shall return to where we came from
Rise from the ashes i’m a phoenix when I flame on
Fly high with a view from a bird’s eye
See the world through the use of the third eye
The truth will set us all free and that’s no lie
Throw myself into the flames till I know I
All praises due to the most high
Burn self = ego death = No "I"

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