Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today, I'd like to talk about Mdm Foo. I moved to a new ward about a week ago and I made some awesome new homies.

Mdm Foo is 72 years old and she suffered from a major stroke. She is unable to see anything on her left side and has speech complications. She lies quietly on her bed all day, unable to communicate with those around her.

The first time I saw Mdm Foo was when she was sleeping and her husband held her hand and slept beside her. Its real to me that true love never gets old because it is still such a refreshing sight. As each day passed, I noticed that there are a few people who visit her everyday like her husband, sister and daughter. They would spend hours everyday telling her stories, showing her videos and playing her songs. They never tire and I find that truly inspiring.

It makes me wonder who Mdm Foo has been throughout these years to receive such kindness and devotion from those closest to her. She must have been mad nice and crazy lovely. Seeing how much she is loved begs this question: would you still be loved if you were no longer able to make conversation with people or make them laugh? Without communication, how does the connection remain?

Today, I saw her husband stroking her hair and smiling at her. True love eventually grows to be unspoken because it speaks louder than words.

Yousa pretty swell gal, Mdm Foo.

- love and light, adrenalene


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