Tuesday, May 7, 2013

....Home is about a 4-hour drive from where I am. As the car inches through the miles, I sit communing with the stars, in amazement of the beauty and vastness that is.
This is me in my element. Sitting, listening, smiling and writing a love letter to the things I see above, that connects me with the things at the core of my existence. I feel myself beam with these beautiful things, and I am illuminated by a light. I know that I am in love, and this moment will change me forever, even in the slightest way. I know that time led me into this moment and my experiences taught me how to appreciate the magnitude of a beauty as this. 
I love how minute I feel in this planetarium. I love how insignificant I am in this cosmic constellation. I love that I am capable of letting this love electrify every nerve until I become nothing. I am alive in this moment but it is as if my being has vaporised into the atmosphere.
The sun bows its head and we see an entirely different sky, and even after a 4-hour drive, this is the same horizon. 
I read somewhere this week that your altitude in life is determined by your attitude towards life...
Post dated 15 December 2012

I do not remember writing this although it is a familiar feeling, like something I used to know. Yes, I have spent many nights lying down on empty fields watching the stars glow in the darkness of the night. I do not know much when it comes to astronomy, but I imagine that a single star could potentially be bigger than the night horizon.

From where I am, it looks so tiny. I wonder if it knows how huge it really is.
It makes me think of how small we really are. I wonder if we truly know the greatness we're capable of.

Small things,
Illuminated beings,
New beginnings,
And happy endings

- love and light, adrenalene

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