Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Someone once told me to be careful of my awe. I think I finally understand why. Your awe can turn a sample of beauty into that thing that is to you, infinitely beautiful. When that becomes it, you no longer want it, you desire it. Watch your desire because if the actions do not obey and cannot execute what the heart covets, the dream will quickly turn into a nightmare. It is only till you know it in your heart that there is something better, something everlasting, that the pain ends and hope begins. I should be destroyed for what my heart still contains. Easier said than done.

Watching this video on Iceland makes me want to cry my eyes out. It is so beautiful, it hurts me to know how distant this reality could be. This place is after my own heart and Sigur Ros would be the soundtrack to my life. In awe, death by beauty.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I think that pain is a purification process. Some years ago, there was a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland but if you look at the place now, I suspect it is one of the most beautiful places you can go. So, I guess even natural disasters are a means of purification. If you really want it, then you have to step into the fire.

I really should know better than this. I really should know better by now. But I don't.

- love and light, adrenalene

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