Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sometimes, you can give it all you have but somehow find that it still isn't enough. You can dedicate your life to a single purpose but if someone decides to seek evidence that you are doing otherwise, that is what they will find. We always find what we look for. I hope we're looking for the right thing because looking for the wrong thing and finding the right evidence is sure as hell misleading. 

Here is the last place you should be looking if you're searching for something right. Then again, you could be at the right place because you stop looking once you found something right, and all those places you were at before, led you here, right?

So, what were you looking for?

It always begins with a question. It never ends with an answer. One question always leads to another set of questions, and before you know it, you're asking more questions than a 10-year series except you have no cheat sheet nor do you utilize a big enough proportion of your brain to store the answers. Your initial question probably never found an answer in the first place.

So, what was your question?

At some point of time, you have to learn acceptance. Our minds are small and how can something that is limited reach something that is limitless. 

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Bubble My Licorice said...

love can be so hard sometimes..
i love this's so inspiring!