Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yes, I would love to travel that odyssey of time and space through organised vibrations too. I know that you love being at that frequency but careful where you are and how high you set your levels because that is where your being will vaporise. You will enter into a new state, you will lose yourself but most importantly, you will lose purpose.

There is a difference between losing yourself and losing your purpose. It is a very fine line but that fine line makes a whole world of difference. Thread carefully because the journey is long and treacherous, lest you be righteous between that which is mystic, and that which is mundane. Most times, I don't know the difference.

It is all an illusion. Within that illusion lies trickery so you may be entertained. You are here but you must remember to get there.The journey is long so you cannot be short-sighted but the journey is long so you have to die to each moment. 

The variables are many, but there is only one constant. All that varies will flee until the differences become indifferent, it is that which remains the same, which is different.

When you enter the deep recesses of the mind, do not be surprised if what hides behind reason is a really dark place. The thoughts will connect and disconnect in a haphazard manner. 

Now is not yet the time because time is a teacher. Those who can't do, teach. When you do, you've learnt your lesson. Bending space now will only leave you broken because you are not ready to take flight so please stay on the ground. A broken vessel cannot ascend, much less carry what it needs for the road ahead. Some baggage is necessary. Some would mean the world to you.

- love and light, adrenalene

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