Saturday, June 15, 2013

light upon light

I dreamt an aurora and in that light, there were travelling spirits in the sky.

Herein begins my lesson. The only ethical way to give is as though it never belonged to you, so even if you gave, you are merely returning it. When something is rightfully returned, it becomes a part of everything.

Love is never based on ownership but love decides who it belongs to. Love is how you attain sincerity and vice-versa. It does begin with visiting and re-visiting your intentions but once you know love, there is no need for an intention because what is in the heart will translate into action.

The heart was only meant to be in this world as a traveller or a wayfarer. When love travels, it goes into the direction of the light. This is how the lover meets the traveller. When love travels at the speed of light, there is no space nor time. There is only light upon light. That was when I lost all people. I only remembered the light.

I fell into the secret passage. Here is my shortcut and you are now my vehicle. My head meets my heart and found the middle path. The signs are everywhere because everything has been written. The signs will lead you to where you need to go but you decide where you want to go. Your heart is your compass and you are what you want.

I speak crazy but crazy is how slaves live in a world of freemen. We each play our parts and we have a part to play.

We are already in the flow. Come on and flow wherever it takes you. Right as rain, fall, dissipate and rise. 

- love and light, adrenalene

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