Monday, July 15, 2013

I received your consolation package. Your gift was great. Your delivery was on time. Your message was well-customed. Everything fits perfectly. What could be greater.

Trust me, this is not retaliation. The moment you are angry, you are defeated. I heard that anger is the fruit of narcissism. 

When your adornment is revealed in a mirror, you are as your reflection. If you only see you, then you are all you want. You're mad because you are chasing after something that doesn't exist and you can never have it until you learn not to want it. 

If you keep looking at what you do not have, you are forgetting about the things that you actually do have. If you are not grateful, you are in a state of loss, until you are left with nothing.

You must believe in the things that you cannot see because it will change you from within and teach you to have eyes that see. Your heart is like a mirror. Look into it and see what you find. When you no longer see yourself, then you will find.

I have the instructions but I do not hold the key. After all, what I yearn for is still me. 

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