Friday, July 5, 2013

It is time to establish purpose. To walk without purpose is to not know who you are and where you are going. Ironically, defining yourself begins with losing the things that define you.

Don't tell me who I am and expect me to be as you are, when you still do not know who you are. If you point a finger at me, the other three point back at you. So who is responsible for what now.

Trust me, I know nothing of the things I speak of and if you think you know what I'm saying, then you know nothing at all. If you still think you know something, trust me that you are veiled by that thing you think you know. So how is it that you still do not know better.

Keep the questions to a minimal few. You don't have the mind for absolute truth but you can contain it with your heart. If your questions beget questions, then you're asking the wrong questions. So do you still think your questions are a sign of intelligence.

I would rather a kind heart than a treacherous mind. A kind heart listens while a treacherous mind emits noise. If you won't listen then how will you learn. So what kind of kind are you.

Stop psychoanalysing things, and putting people into boxes and categories. You can't change people but you can change yourself. If you change yourself, everything around you changes with you. So why are you expecting loose change from someone else's pocket when you can afford it yourself.

I am feeling charitable with my thoughts but the real charity begins at home. If it doesn't begin there, then it ends up nowhere. So how do you finish a game that hasn't even begun.

- love and light, adrenalene

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