Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's been a while since the last post. I've been post-dating my opinions and thoughts, and oh how they flee. I use them like everyday clothes; wear it, wash it, wear it again, then forget about  it completely.

Tis' the season to celebrate and ask for forgiveness for last season's mistakes and repeat cycle next season. Forgive and forget, right?

Then there are those who say that they can forgive but they cannot forget. What kind of sophisticated fuckery is this?

Imagine you're on a plane to Iceland and you have a transit in London. You stopover in London but you decide that London will be your final destination. It still doesn't turn London into Iceland. London may have beautiful places that looks like Iceland, but just because it resembles it, does not turn it into a different entity. Doing something halfway doesn't make it done. Yes, actions are based by intentions but what are your intentions and how constant are they?

Speaking of beauty, I was poking fun at my little cousin saying that he liked this hot girl on tv. He merely shook his head and said, 'It's only beauty.' (I suppose this is an appropriate cue for a **facepalm** or is there a newer cooler cue I am unaware of. Bah bah black sheep)

I do look at others and envy them for their external beauty, but often forget that it is only beauty. I know that this reeks of my own insecurity and I allow further propagation through the use of social media. I know that my mind is wired wrong and wasting electricity on dim matters. 

Time for analogy #2. So if you're a computer, the thing that matters most is your motherboard. External beauty is like an external hard disk, you can simply do without it. Here too, lies the question; what do you use your computer for? Your clue to your established purpose is stored in your hard disk, and even if you thrash your data and cookies, there is always muscle memory. Plus, you should never thrash your cookies, you should dunk them in milk. Meiji waddup.

I think we tend to look too much in the mirror and do a poor self-reflection. It was never about staring at the mirror but it was more about gazing back into the self. Since I know little of my self, lets scrutinize the mirror instead. 

I think a world without mirrors could potentially solve alot of self-issues. If you never knew how you looked like, how can you even begin to feel physically inferior? You would not compare yourself to others based on physical beauty. There would be no camwhoring and narcissism is no longer perpetuated. Herein begins selflessness. No one needs social media. No marketing a 'need' since we have everything we need. No consumerism. No economy. No banks. No government. Just really happy people. Riiight. My ideas are perfect as long as you don't execute them. I don't even execute them. But i 

Lets face it. I am confused x 10,000, but please allow me to give you a qualitative explanation for what quantity cannot justify my level of confusion. Whatever la Azlin. 

Time for analogy number 3. Imagine you have a pencil and a pencil box. You put your pencil in the box, but is your pencil in the box or is your box outside of the pencil? Yuh, I know. That was hashtag deep. 

- love and light, adrenalene

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