Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am not a dreamcatcher.

Your dreams are yours to keep. I would never sneak into your sleep to steal hope, and that which keeps you alive, to leave you for dead. Those who dare, dream. Those who don't, sleep. I woke up to a dream. I never dreamt that that would keep me awake. 

I am not a thief in the night.

I cannot take something that I cannot keep. My pocket only runs so deep. Those are big shoes to fill. I simply do not have feet that fit. I did peer into the dark but I am only looking for pieces to a broken part. I found your territory curious but I knew it was never mine to charter. I never had a dream to keep me awake and I am not awake for a dream.

I am, not anymore.

All notions I am, I am not. All that is left of me is in your mind. If you seek me, peace will rest in an obituary. You die for what keeps you alive. How can I be the dreamcatcher when I am a bad dream when I am awake. I would rather be asleep so you could stay awake.

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