Friday, November 29, 2013

Dah tahun berapa siak korang masih nak berbual about 'the man' and 'the system'.

In all honesty, you love your oppression. You submit to your oppression. So my fellow oppressed friend, what the fuck are you on about?

Yes, I get it. Its cool to hate the system. Its cool to sing about it, get your message heard, be the voice of the people. I wonder if you grew tiresome of real life problems that you decided to take your boredom to the next level and turn it into an international problem. Fuck immigration and their constant reminders to renew my passport cause boredom sure knows no boundaries.

You're a consumer, consuming your own confusion. You hate the system but you love your routines. You hate the government but you love your GST money. You hate freemasons but you love triangles. You hate the media but you love fb, instagram and selfies. Btw, it's so cute how you try so hard with your selfies and hashtags. You and your delusions of grandeur.

You propagate the system. You need the system. You're just in denial. Stop playing victim to all people, things and circumstances. Surely, you are responsible for some of it. There's nothing biblical about yo shit. 

Please don't 'feeling' revolution here when you haven't the slightest clue to a resolution if  there was a state of emergency. I bet you didn't really think this through. To you, revolution is Zack De La Rocha screaming on a track asking you to turn off the radio and go to Vietnam now, while you were going through puberty, raging against your hormones. Hey, even Zack stopped raging against the machine. In the end, Neo also became homeboys with the machine to defeat Agent Smith. 

You complain about the world but do you know of better way to run the world if you were a ruler. You go relek one corner measure the millimetres of your minute idealogies sudah. My french wouldn't be effective here because you're less croissant and more curry sauce please from McDonalds.

Give a fool his freedom and he'd get bored with it. Freedom is in your mind. Change you, and everything will change with you, smarty pants. Talk about a problem if you intend to solve it, or else, shut the fuck up.

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