Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Recently, I had a conversation with my kindred spirit. He reminded me about how this world was designed to break your heart. Sometimes, I look at the perfect lives of others, green with envy (though I'd rather be green with yoda) seeing that they have the things that I want so effortlessly. I guess we live our lives in an incomplete way, always chasing for the thing we think makes us complete. //cue sisqo song

I know four people who share the same passion but have very different pursuits. For namesake, lets call them Nick, Brian, AJ and Howie. I apologize to Kevin in advance. They share the same passion in fishing and dream of becoming 'professional fisherman'. You know, the kind who sell fish to mongers at wet markets. I am so sorry if this is a bad analogy, I am only trying to make a point without a sharp edge and apparently with too many words. Bear (hug) with me, even if my story is a little fishy and smells a little funny.

Nick spent his life paying dues and circumstances has it that Nick has to forsake the one thing he dreamt about achieving for the longest time. Nick looks at Brian and his reality sinks in because he could only afford to dream in his sleep. When he wakes, he has to live someone else's dream instead of his own. Nick had the skills of a fisherman but he didn't have a fishing rod.

Brian wasn't a professional fisherman but he had all the fishing gadgets. The thing that Brian lacked was the discipline and time to practice his fishing. He knew alot about fishing and plans to make something out of it, but they always fell through. He had the tangible things but lacked the intangible.

AJ did not have as many gadgets as Brian but he had the basic items. With what AJ had, he worked hard and was always at sea. AJ was a good fisherman but the tides were never really with him. He would spend hours at sea but would return with a few fishes and no matter how hard he tried, he could only catch a few fishes.

Howie is the most skilled fisherman among the four but Howie is ruthless. He would trawl and catch all the fishes without any thought to the sea or any other fishermen. If there was a person solely responsible for endangering the lives of fishes, it would be Howie. He was good but he would stop at nothing. It was hard for other fishermen to work with Howie. The fish mongers knew Howie had alot of fish but they hated buying from him.

In summation, Nick had the skills but lacked the fishing rod. Brian had all the fishing gear but no time and discipline. AJ had the time, discipline and fishing rod but had no fishes. Howie had all the fishes but no love. 

This post is a little lengthy and I forget the point I was trying to make. I guess what I'm trying to say is that whichever side of the spectrum you stand on, there will always be shit that ain't right. Something somewhere will go wrong. Some dream, some realize the dream and it turns into a nightmare, some get lost in the dream that they no longer know reality and some no longer dream.

Well, in the words of my nigga Big, it was all a dream, I used to read word up magazines, salt n pepa and heavy d up in the limousine.

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