Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I've never been good with beginnings. I'm worse with endings, but I guess its better to deal with things in order of complexity and a first in first out basis.

My background brain activity runs alot of white noise on auto-pilot. I am so far into my head, I made myself a slave to the things on my mind. I'm quite sure there is a technical difficulty in my mind mechanics. Its all nuts and bolts when it comes to the breakdown. A little crazy and some electric. Please do not confuse this as thinking too much. There are alot of thoughts but no element of thinking because thinking requires clarity.

Perhaps my head is getting bigger and my mind has a narrow surface area, I could never wrap my mind around it. Vessels can only pour forth what they contain, and I am alot of noise and emptiness. 

The people who are deluded never see their delusion. We are merely semi-conscious beings, barely breathing. Ask the telepathic dolphin who makes a conscious choice to breathe. They know that death is inevitable so life is a choice. If death was an option, would you still be alive?

I've stopped listening for a while now. There is nothing that you can say that I would like to hear. There is nothing that I'd actually like to say to you. There is no point that I want to make to anyone. 

There's nothing, really.

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