Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Word is bond.

Well, not really. How can word be bond when meaning no longer glues the tongue to the heart. We're disconnected by the lies we tell others, but mostly by the lies we tell ourselves.

We throw words around like pieces of a puzzle, expecting that if we throw it often enough, the pieces will land at the right place and the bigger picture will coincidentally come together. No one really knows what the bigger picture is, but it seems that we've been framed, and we continue plotting with and against each other, as we write our endings.

I believe that devotion and truth have something in common, and that it conditioned by silence, because actions speak louder than words. There is no need to tell someone who you are, and what you've done because if you did anything worthy, no one needs to know.

The truth ends the moment we utter with the mouth what was meant for the heart. The truth ends the moment we tell others what we should be telling ourselves.

I like truth because I'm a lazy person. It is difficult to keep up with a lie. I need the right setting, the right timing and consistency. The truth is fuss-free. You tell it once, and then you leave it. Low maintenance. But with that said, I fib too because I have no valour to speak truth.

The truth can be a difficult thing to hear, understand and accept. Everyone thinks that their opinion is of the highest, and they like hearing that they are right. A belief can confine you and trap you in a mental prison.

If you're lucky, you'll find clues. Those moments of rarity will glare at you like something you've looked at everyday but it took you new eyes to see it with clarity.

When you do not know where you want to go, you go in circles. There are longer turns and longer roads but which is the path that leads to the clearing?

-love& light, adrenalene

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