Friday, April 11, 2014

I lose myself in people and places. I dreamt that I wrote that down in a dream, so the moment I woke up, I wrote it. Somewhere in my mind, I thought that when dreams came true, the words that come after would magically appear. Well, they didn't. Good news for people who love bad news, fellow mice.

When I was sleeping last night, I accidentally knocked over the bottle of water on my bedside. The bottle flipped and nigga was drenched. I guess I got thirsty in my sleep, woke up shocked but this G went back to sleep.

Recently, I watched Noah. I don't know the story based on the different bibles, so I'm not about to get critical about fact or fiction. I am merely watching the movie as an audience with zero history on the story. I won't comment on the plot because I'm pretty sure more knowledgeable people can and will do so. The thing that stood out for me was this idea of a moral compass; what sets you up north and what brings you down south? Who decides good and bad? If our moral compasses attract and repel different things, then good and bad is a relative term. Doing the right thing may not always be right by people but if you're into pleasing people, there can never be satisfaction because people are never pleased.

Someone told me that the movie portrayed Noah as a weak man, exemplifying Darren Aronofsky's belief as an atheist. I somewhat agree but here's the deal, we look at things the way we look at ourselves. The blind man can find light in a story of darkness. Why can't an atheist dine with the pope?

I would not say that this is his finest work nor his best storytelling. I still think that The Fountain was his best work. Come on, he portrayed the cosmos in a petri dish, how's that for sci-fi? Ok, wrong genre but you've gotta believe it before you can see it or you might be too late. Please read that sentence again, thank you.

Born sinner, the opposite of a winner. I used to eat sardines for dinner. And let me tell you, I had sardines for dinner just now. Yop, I love it when they call me Big Poppa. Throw yo hands in the aiyer if yousa true player.

love & light, adrenalene

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