Friday, May 9, 2014

Alot of people make alot of sense and rationale that renders much of what goes on in my mind, useless. Yes, I could use a reminder that I'm bordering on insanity, but its just that I needed something different, outside the constricts of auto scripts and auto responses.

Sometimes when we speak, we forget about humility. The truth is that anything we say applies to us first. Its easy to be the doctor, diagnose the illness and prescribe medication, but it is the patient who tastes the bitterness and suffers the illness. It seems that everyone is hard of hearing these days. If they're not listening, it's probably because you weren't listening either.

Your luxury of high roads may elude you into thinking that you can burn bridges. You forget the streets that raised you, the dark lanes that robbed you, and the people who walked those paths with you. But of course, people who are on another level shit, are on another level and shit. Then again, what do I know. I've burned as many bridges as I've built.

I was recently reminded on how my everyday decisions affect my life, the lives of the people around me, and my eternal life. That sounds like alot to be responsible for. Is responsibility something you live for or do you live because it is a responsibility? Responsibility comes with a sense of ownership. I am responsible for what I take from what has been given to me but how can I give what I do not own.

This is a mindless banter, which is a stupidity I own. Hence, I am responsible for my own questions, and inevitably responsible for the answers. Responsibility sure is sneaky and in the blink of eye, binding.

Less blinks.
Less responsibility.
More sleep.

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