Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am writing myself to sleep, or so I think. I guess in a way, I bear these thoughts that bore me. See what I did there, total wordplay. You must be talking to a rapper alert.

I was going to post one of my drafts of uncompiled and scattered sentences but they all sound so dead serious, like any of it really matters, like that pink matter cotton candy frankly when that ocean so muphucking good but my joke so Andre 3000 and late what the hell happened to BEP.

I like pointing fingers because you already know that everyone is a victim and someone else is responsible for wreckage. So convenient to assign and point blame in the right direction. Who needs signboards when you already know the way. Whatchu thought.

Psychobabble taim cuz I just logged into instagram and post picture like bad bitch alert and picture of my casio like mad rich alert. Does that make me a basic bitch? Any instructions on how to go intermediate X advanced bitch? Tough taims, that bitch thoughhh. Bitch I think I choo choo train.

This is not really working. I am not working. Ok lah, give up.

-love & light, adrenalene

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