Monday, May 19, 2014

My kindred spirit, an avid Star Wars fan, told me that the sith lords were concerned with dominating the outer empire, while the jedi knights were concerned with conquering their innerselves. It never struck me that this was the fundamental difference between the dark and light side of the force. We all have wars, but we pick our battles and choose what we make an art of.

I'd like to think that I've been to some places, I've seen some beautiful things but those things pass and those memories fade. Pictures do little because they either take me away from the place I was at, or take me away from the place I am now. What good can come out of something that speaks a thousand words and tell a million lies. Sure, they're proof of where I've been but if I need to show you where I was, thats keeping me away from where I need to go. I am so deleting that instagram account...soon....i think...

I read that paragraph again, and although I was talking about pictures, the same applies with what I am writing now. I guess we make mistakes as often as we forget our lessons. So, nothing really sticks.

My initial point was that none of the places I've been mattered unless it took me to a place within. There isn't a cheap Air Asia flight or a first class air ticket that can take me there (unless I went on a trip). People who travel the world to learn about themselves always end up in a remote land on a mountain, disconnected from everyone as though this was the only way they could connect with themselves.

I remember Xavier telling Erik that true focus lies between rage and serenity. Trust me to take lessons from superhero and sci fi movies. I don't know how recalling that helps me or improves my life in any way but I know anyone with a professor designation should be taken seriously. That Magneto should listen though.

Speaking of Magneto, magnets and metals, did you know that all it takes to destroy a star is a single particle of iron. Such irony, right? Classic mouse and elliphant.

Looking forward to Days of Future Past. End the war before it even begins, ya know. Get that wild animal Wolverine to be patient with Professor X. Make someone believe in something by telling them to believe in something. Ya, sounds like a smart move and a recipe for success. Good > Evil. Mutants > Humans. Yay.

- love and light, adrenalene

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