Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No one is irreplaceable. Some people strive to be indispensible. What are you? The anti-christ of vending machines?

I can't stand it when people threaten you with their departure. If you wish to depart, book a flight. Don't be tripping on me. Do I look like a fucking holiday to you? My name isn't Billie either. Go, go, leave, good fucking riddance.

Stop talking to me as though you can do no wrong. Stop your expectations of who, what and how I should be. Stop asking a question when only you have the right answer. Stop looking at me as if this conversation involves me when you're drowning in your own monologue.

If its a goal, you're the top scorer. If its a miss, you're the goalkeeper. The fundamental law here is that you win.

Collect all your merits to discredit me. While you're in glory in the hall of fame, plagiarise me. What's in a name? I'm less than a person. The conjuring that goes on in your mind is the real scary movie.

You've already made up your mind so why are you asking for an explanation. Everything is written but then again nothing is permanent. Not even permanent ink marker.

You is a strange thing. Peculiar. You look at the mirror but you never see yourself. The light reflects but I think your eyeballs may be faulty, balls. What you're saying to me, I could easily say to you.

I guess silence is a good defense but a better offense. If you speak to me and I keep silent, it does not make you right. I was just giving you space to echo your own voice, but you're not even listening to yourself. Why should I listen to you when you don't even listen to yourself?

Speech is silver. I love your speech about how you are spot on when it comes to judging character and how you can tell a person's heart. The head nigga in charge must have forgotten to give me what he gave you. You have special powers. You should save the world. With great power, comes great responsibility. But I think silence is golden, that is if you want to be richer. What's crazier than a billionaire superhero flying around with war machine? Apparently, you.

But I forgot the formula when it was game time. The angry person is the bad guy. The sad person is the victim. That's how the world works, right? The more you cry, the more innocent you are.

I have no time for small minds that think they are world and everyone should revolve around them. Just get the fuck out of here. My life is not some soap opera. There are no good guys, no bad guys, no evil plots. It is just you and your thoughts. Ain't that a bitch though.

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