Thursday, June 12, 2014

real talk

I'm trying to lull myself into slumber, again. These nights, I've been sleeping wee hours. Its odd how I operate in the night time, following Batman patterns, you know, work the graveyard shift. Fight crime and stuff. I've been waking up rather late so I don't get much done in the day, not that there is much to do. Wear that fake smile like a cape, bro. That smile be my superhero.

I've been thinking about this idea of being real and how it's a losing battle from beginning to end. We're very partial beings, which is why we seek truth and connection. If you don't know truth, how do you know what real is. Fuck niggaz for telling me to be real since I was 15 when they phony ass shit. Haha, where did that come from. It came from niggaz ah. I grew up with niggaz but don't fuck with niggaz. I don't trust them niggaz. Real talk. You already know what it iz.

On the real though. Haha, I can't help but live my dysfunctions through my choice of words and making literal translations. Well, my point is whatever it is you or I say, it's a lie fo' sho' because the point is taken out of context and we don't know the magnitude of such and such. So, yous a liar and your pantz is on fiyyah, you big fat fibber jibber jabber my nigger. Real talk, again.

Shit is confusing like a prostitute in church. Oklah, thats not really confusing because no one really knows what hides behind intentions. I'm not sure why but I'm thinking a shadow is one of the things that hide behind intentions. Maybe cos I'm borderlining on deranged.

On the topic of shadows, I remember someone telling me how our shadows attaches us to the world and binds us to the ground. I think thats why ah ghost don't have shadows. Cos they're not from around, they're on another level. Scary stuff. Eh, why you still believe in ghost. Ghost, Santa Claus, The Incredible Hulk, what's the same bruh bruh.

My yogi tea is telling me 'Appreciate yourself and honour your soul'. Fancy having a tea tell me how I should live my life. I guess being subtle is a little too old-fashioned. Ma tea is teaching me. A tad weird but I'm not silkk tha shocker cuz I've seen alot more weird stuff back in the dayz.

Ok I'm tired of talking shit. Time to pass out.

- love and light, adrenalene

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