Monday, January 12, 2015

I turned 29 for the second time last week. Or was that last last week. Pardon me for my memory has started to fail me. Old age and all.. But you already know my pledge belongs to the children of the now so the ghost of last week's past can't haunt me. The former highly contradicting statement and the noun I associated with myself is proof enough that I have moved from golden to olden.

Cobain, Joplin, Winehouse, Hendrix, Morrison and then some joined the '27 Club'. I'm a little too late to join the greats. Too young to hold on, too old to break free and run.

For real though, I love where I am today, despite all that I've been through. It takes a lot for me to forge these words. I can't say that I fully accept all that has happened, but that which haunts me has been less on my mind. As much as there is fear, there is more love. As much as there is pain, there are better lessons.

I am blessed because I am surrounded by a bunch of beautiful people who continue to love me especially when I'm less. I wield strength from them. I am nothing if not for them. 

I have a lot of love in my life. I love the people in my life. And I especially love the new constant love in my life. Hello Haikel!

I've heard that we are the average of the company we keep. Although I do think that there are a lot of other factors involved, this is a strong preterminant. We're all sponges and we soak in our surrounding. 

Anyway, spongebathtaim!

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