Sunday, July 19, 2015

the longest ride

I made a bad life decision today. I watched The Longest Ride. I'm proud to report that there were no waterworks but bro, I'm telling you that that movie had me feeling things in different parts of my body especially near that left area in my chest with the ribs and stuff.

I'm telling you now, and you heard it from me first; Nicholas Sparks is a villain. The baddest villain ever. Who makes a movie, to make you cry. and suffer. for the rest of eternity. in a semi-romantic place that looks like heaven and feels like hell. That man, bad ass. Sheer evil.

I remember watching The Notebook at an unfortunate time in my life, hence I cried. Since then, I made it a point to not watch his movies, or rather read his novels. I was successful until recently, I had a momentary lapse of judgement while I was on imdb. I was like why not. Two hours later, i'm just wailing why. 

'She had an eye for art and painting and stuff, but I only had eyes for her.' Bro, mana boleh cakap gini macam. Kita semua cari makan pe. 

I think if you know the right words, say it in the right tone, right sequence, right place and right time, you would be able to cast a magic spell. Nicholas Sparks, you bloody sorcerer. I will tell all my moslem friends who you is and we will exorcise you.

Nicholas Sparks. I am totally unfriending you on facebook, unfollowing you on twitter, instagram, vine and hapekebenda lagi. 

So, whatever you do in your life, do not, ever, watch The Longest Ride or anything remotely related to Nicholas Sparks or suffer eternal damnation. 

Piss out. 

-love and light, adrenalene

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