Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's raining and I am freezing in the train. I never liked the cold, unless I am wrapped in layers of pillow and comforter. Being in bed on a rainy day is much like a hot brownie and vanilla bean ice-cream. 

I have about 10 more stops before I reach home and I guess I'm writing this to keep my mind from thinking of the cold. I wonder if sitting on my thoughts would make them lukewarm, incubate them, till they hatch into little chocolate chip cookies, served with a hot cuppa tea.

I must be cold, thirsty and hungry. I am shivering, my skin is blotchy with dabs of red and my goosebumps game strong. It is becoming evident that I am suffering the symptoms of poverty. I should be highly alarmed but the cold has got me into major snooze mode. Plus,  my molecules are vibrating at a much lower speed, so if life is in motion, I'm more than half dead. No kidding.

I was trying to think of warm stuff, but I seem to be derailing existence instead. Focus. Warm thoughts. Hot chocolate. The scorching sun. The underarms of a feverish person. An oven. An overheated CPU. A pizza. Boiling water. A hot spring. A desert. A molten cake dessert. 

Ok. Train ride over. Good talk guys.

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