Friday, October 30, 2015

The sky looks exceptionally clear today. Thanks to thy neigba, it has been hazy the past few months. Some days, I pretend to live in a comic book world, in a dark gloomy alley, and at any instance, someone has beenmurdered and here comes the vigilante.

Then, it sparks an age-old convo between I and I. What's the difference between a villain and a vigilante? They both act above the law. Laws were derived for men from men. Who defines the good fight from the bad? 

Restraint is a relative term. Victory becomes irrelevant when we lose ourselves in a fight. We could be fighting for the same thing and end up in opposition because of minor differences. Or we could not, and perhaps the world is too small to accomodate for our differences. Then, the world would never be enough, and we'd end up in the same place. Or we could nuke mars, move to another planet, and decide if space would be a better place.

Space. That infinite darkness, that place I'd rather conquer from within, hoping to find some form of catharsis. 

Pardon me for the prolonged haze has clouded my thoughts. I watched the sky from my room as I was fighting myself to get ready for work. Everyday, I win the battle and lose the war. There was a strange hue in today's light that makes the skies pretty with the perfect proportion of white, blue and orange. I guess sometimes, you have to step back to appreciate something for what it is.

While today had a beautiful jumpstart, yesterday, it felt like I swore an oath and changed my name to Murphy because whatever could go wrong, did. It made me feel like the only constant was that the variables were against me.

But today, the day greeted me with a smile. So I smile back lor.

- love and light, adrenalene


Radya Wong said...

Hello sayang!

that made me remember this - you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian.

love you, you're a fighter!

Azlin said...

Love u too. Miss you!