Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I think I may have developed a serious distaste for people. Well, at least the ones I don't know. I suspect this is how xenophobia begins. Or the beginning of villainy. Or a serial killing. It is an exciting time to be alive, guys.

This morning, I was about to enter the LRT gantry, and there was this office girl racing towards the same gantry to outrun me. Bij, first things first, I can't run. Second, aren't you in the wrong profession if you're aiming to be an athlete or an olympic medallist. 

Every morning, I have to fight the evils of public transit. I can stare at these perfectly abled people and their fancy spines, waiting or even asking them to give way and they will simply ignore me. I didn't realize that my wheelchair came with an invisibility feature that renders you control over my existence.

In one day, I've had an ante meridium bij outrun me for a disabled gantry, a group of able-bodied people not giving me way for the lift, and a vicious time-racer walking in a haste scratching the metal tip of her umbrella on my chair. 

I should consider carrying a gun and shooting the spines of callous people so maybe you could walk, or rather not walk, in my shoes. 

I know that me being in a wheelchair gives you a height advantage and you breathe a higher atmosphere where the oxygen is pure, thus insinuating illusions of superiority. You're basically Everest, I can't even bloody climb the stairs. But just a friendly suggestion, why don't you stop blaming your parents for not teaching you manners and how to be a human being because you are incorrigible and kindly score some god points by taking the stairs or the escalator. 

But I've been told I'm as dark as an oreo cookie. If he only knew that I am a man of malice. 

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