Monday, February 29, 2016

Its been months since I last completed a session of self-talk. So much has happened, Bieber is a reformed bad boy although Adele still be singing about that heartbreak. That is how much things have changed, and then not at all.

Close to quarter of a year seems to have whizzed by. I have limited experience in currency exchange but here's a penny for a thought, and a dime for a dozen months, I guess. I have been busy, I don't feel as though I've had time to do much else. Some days, I have the legitimate fear of becoming a painfully boring person. You know, fading into the background and slowly dissipating into thin air. In that way, I suppose I am quite the Alfred Borden, figuring out a Tesla. Or I could be turning blue, like a character in Avatar.

I am beginning to get really sleepy when the hands of time touch the hour 10, and I get cranky if I sleep after the 11th. I suppose it is the cycle of life that completes and depletes by itself. You were young and crazy, you grow up into serious roles and responsibilities and then life drives you batshit crazy.

I must admit that talking to myelf is turning out to be quite the highlight of my 6am morning. I went to a wedding yesterday and the host pretty much talked to himself for hours, like a bloody heavyweight. I am envious of his god-given talent but you know jealousy and envy will only leave you broke. 

I totally sacrificed my 30 minutes snooze time to deliver this unimportant message to you. I guess I'm in the spirit of giving. 

- love and light, adrenalene

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