Thursday, May 26, 2016

A riddle is only interesting when you’re trying to find the answer. Once you figure it out, you realize that there is no magic in the breakdown, and it was all a trick of the trade. Once you see the answer, it's too obvious, you can't unsee it.

Perhaps, fiction is always better because it allows room for imagination. If it only exists in your mind, you can allow it to be whatever you need it to be. 

When the fiction is dispelled, the wonder dissipates and the dust settles to become something real. There are no more questions to pique your curiousity. I mean, who cares?

We know for certain that generally things don't change and they are merely cyclical. So I suppose it is in good reason to acknowledge that things will not be different, that they are just moving in and out of phases, and falling into patterns. 

The cycles complete themselves and we wait in the face of obsoletion, in the fear and hope of obliteration. We only hope for change when we need to, but really, we're just letting time deal with the situation.

I guess you figured me out.

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